What areas are typically treated with
anti-wrinkle injectables?


Treatment with Botox® is most effective in the upper face which includes:

 Horizontal lines on the forehead and brow (forehead 'worry lines')
 Vertical lines between the eyes (glabella 'frown lines')
 Fine lines from the corner of the eyes ('crows feet')


For the lower face Dermal Fillers may be more suitable (Please see the Dermal Fillers page for more information)

As we age, the body stops producing collagen (which keeps skin firm and supple) and elastin (which enables the skin to 'bounce back' after facial expression). This leads to repetitive facial expressions such as laughing, squinting and frowing causing fine lines and wrinkles to appear. The primary aim of treatment is to break the habit of frowning and to re-educate the facial muscles so that the tendency to frown is lost.

As well as this, the skin around the eyes doesn't produce oil like the rest of our skin, making it more delicate and more likely to become dry and thin. Other causes include smoking, poor skin care, sun exposure and genetics. 

We are proud to use Botox® cosmetic, the only treatment of its kind approved by the FDA for forehead lines, crows feet lines and glabella lines.

► How does it work ?
The botox protein is a large molecule that cannot penetrate the skin. Therefore, it needs to be injected into the affected site to allow it to block the chemical in the skin that causes muscle contraction. This temporarily smooths out the skin and improves the appearance of many common early signs of aging such as Crows feet, glabella lines and forehead lines.
► What does treatment involve?
Treatment involves a handful of tiny painless injections with Botox® around the affected area.
The results can take anything from 3-14 days to take full effect and can last between 3-4 month.
There is virtually no recovery time. You will be able to return to work the same day, although we suggest you avoid strenuous activity that would increase the blood pressure to your face for at least 24 hours.
► Am I suitable?

The best way for us to answer this question is for you to book a free consultation with Dr Kandola who will assess your medical history and advise if the treatment is appropriate and safe for you.

As a quick guide here is the Key reasons that would make a client unsuitable for Botox injections: 

• Are pregnant, think you could be pregnant or are breastfeeding

• Carry an allergy to any of the ingredients (human albumin, Botox™)

• Have a neurological disorder such as myasthenia gravis

• Are taking certain drugs that can interfere with neuro-muscular transmissions eg. aminoglycoside antibiotics, quinidine.

► Will it hurt?

The process is relatively short, and we use very fine tipped needles making any discomfort minimal and brief.
► How long before I see results?
Most clients will see the initial result within 3 days. But the full effect can take up to 10-14 days.
You will be invited to return for a review at this point to assess outcomes and tweak treatment if needed.
► How long will it last?
Botox® is a naturally occurring protein that is broken down by the body. This means all results are temporary and can be expected to last 3-4 months.
Every individual is unique, therefore results and their longevity will vary from patient to patient. But with successive treatment effects should be seen faster and results should last longer.

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We treat both men and women 

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Quick reference

Everyone is unique. This means that sensitivity periods, treatment plans, treatment results and their longevity will vary from patient to patient. The information on this website is based on the average treatment experience.

For more accurate information, you should contact us for a free consultation.

Number of treatments required   Most patients require a single treatment.
Procedure Time:   Usually 30 minutes
Anaesthetic   Not necessary
Sensitivity Period   Usually there is none 
Back to work   Same day for most patients
Full Recovery   Same day for most patients
Duration of results   Results last 3 - 4 months for most patients

Steps we take before treatment

Smooth Line Clinic offers a free no-obligation consultation prior to any treatments being carried out. 

During the consultation, we will ascertain if you are suitable and that the treatment we provide is right for you.

Please contact us to book your free appointment.

Consultations take place at either of our clinic locations.

The Haven Beauty Clinic - Daventry, Northants

Harewood Dental - Virginia Water, Surrey


Is it safe?

Botulinum toxin has been used in the facial muscles for the treatment of blepharospasm for over 30 years, with the side effect of smoothing the wrinkle lines. Botox® has been used commonly in cosmetic proceedures since 2004 and is now the most common non-surgical cosmetic proceedure carried out in the UK. We only use Botulinum Toxin Type A, manufactured by Allergan and supported by over 12 years of safety and efficiency data.

As a medical product this is only avaliable under the prescription of a medical practitioner. 

As a medical product Botox®  is only avalible under the prescription of a medical practitioner. It has been used successfully for many years and is considered to be extremely safe. Possible side-effects are usually mild and short-lived.



From £185

Treatment involves a handful of tiny painless injections with Botox® around the affected area. The results can take anything from 3-14 days to take full effect and can last between 3-4 months.


Initial consultation          Free  
Treatment of 1 area       £185
Treatment 2 areas         £245
Treatment 3 areas         £295

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Dermal Fillers
Dermal Fillers
From £200
Dermal Fillers

Treatment involves a dermal filler being placed into precise depths of skin tissues using a very fine micro cannula. Results are immediate although some swelling and redness may initially be present

Initial consultation: Free  

Treatments From: £200

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